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The Kid in the Candyst- I mean, Studio


I was like a kid in a candy store being able to choose which amps to use on different parts of songs. There were so many fantastic choices, and we did alot of blending of amps, too. I was pretty blown away, I'm still … 

This IS the take you are looking for...


We did several takes of this new song called "1,3,10". It's kind of a quick, heavy dance/rock tune with a driving full beat and plenty of places for us to individually flourish. Shane and I went over the takes from the last one we had recorded backwards and worked our way backwards until we found a pretty good one. To be honest, I realize now …

When technology fights back


Technology is a fascinating creature that is constantly furthering it's reach into our everyday lives. I say "creature" because technology is capable of outsmarting us, manipulating us, and stringing us along. While most objects have a black and white state of "working" or "not working", technology, through barter with the devil himself, has acquired and mastered the super-power of having a working status that can fall into the grey area.

The Long Write


Some songs seem to hangout in the writing process for months or even years. Like a painting that is never quite right, it’s essence is obvious but the details are in constant flux. When do you “call it” and declare the song finished?

Return to 2007 - Sort of


Tonight, as we're prepping to return to the studio at the end of the month for our first full length album since 2005, with the 2014 lineup of Dave and I, Chris, Jeff, and Howard, we're going to return to one of the most familiar stage and rooms that I know of (crammed as we may be), and we're gonna blow the roof off the place. …

Needledrop Of The Day - Culture Club - Church Of The Poison Mind from Colour By Numbers (1983)


Well I did what everyone probably expected which was let this little feature lapse for about the last month or so. However it's been in the back of my mind the entire time. I've hunted down a LOT of very interesting vinyl to share with everyone so let's dive back in.

Needledrop Of The Day - Where The Rose Is Sown by Big Country from Steeltown (1984)


I wanted to post something from this album for awhile but was holding out for that perfect copy. For starters it has to be a UK copy because, well, they're a Scottish band and as a rule of thumb it's best to get an album from where it was recorded. Some say it's stupid but it IS true that most often the original masters reside in the band's home country. As such most UK groups had copy masters sent to the US and vice versa (thus why UK copies of Beatles records are far more sought out than their US counterparts).

Needledrop Of The Day - Utopia - "Forgotten But Not Gone" from the album Utopia (1982 Network)


Too tired to wax poetic tonight … been REAL busy lately. But I stumbled across this record for a buck and couldn't pass it up. Seems like this album has been tough to find in good shape. 3 sides. (The second record is two versions of side 3.)

Needledrop Of The Day - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath


This record sounds good...really good.


You kind of have to be careful when seeking out Sabbath records. Some of them sound godly...some terrible.

Needledrop Of The Day - Cannibal Corpse - Five Nails Through The Neck from the album "Kill"


Alright … BAD day today. I'm not gonna get into the details … it's all first world problem junk anyways. But for times like this there is only one kind of music that will do. DEATH METAL.

Needledrop Of The Day - The Replacements - Bastards Of Young (from album Tim - 1985 - Sire Records)


You better believe I still have my Replacements vinyl. I put it aside with a few other titles I swore I'd never get rid of. The Replacements just have to be listened to on a record player. Not a turntable, but a shitty old worn out teenage record player.

Needledrop Of The Day - Neil Diamond - Longfellow Serenade/I've Been This Way Before - Love At The G


Was just reminded that today is Neil Diamond's birthday. Reason enough to post up some Diamond. I have more Neil Diamond vinyl than any other performer. I just love the guy. And it's not in a "it's so bad it's good" way either.

Needledrop Of The Day - Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer from the album Night Dreamer (Blue Note Record


No big story to tell for this one. I'm posting this one as I got it today and it is quite simply the best sounding record in my collection thus far. Blue Note stereo recordings are breathtaking and really blow the "older recordings don't sound good" theory out of the park. 

Needledrop Of The Day Special! - Vinyl restoration example - Charlie Parker - I Hear Music - 1954 Cl


I thought it might be fun to show an extreme example of vinyl restoration. A friend wants me to transfer a very old first pressing of a Charlie Parker 10" that came out in 1954. This one is tough, a lot of crackle and a lot of clicks. Also a fair amount of sibilance.

Needledrop Of The Day - Jerry Reed - The Coin Machine from Red Hot Picker (1975 - RCA)


I was about 8 or 9 when I first saw Jerry Reed on Hee Haw … watching along with my dad and my grandmother. The way he played guitar blew me away even at that early age. I remember seeing this album at the Pamida in Taylorville, Illinois and wanting it REAL bad. It was, after all, called "Red Hot Picker". It wasn't until I was in my teens that I finally found another copy and immediately snatched it up.

Needledrop Of The Day - Dokken - Kiss Of Death - Beast From The East (Live) - 1988 - Elektra Records


I actually planned on posting up something else tonight but was listening to this earlier and it blew my mind. I've always liked this live album from actually sounds live and George Lynch just smokes through every song. Pound for pound this album probably has the most shred available from Mr. Scary. Thanks to Jason Stephens for lending me this vinyl!

Needledrop Of The Day - Duran Duran - The Seventh Stranger - Seven And The Ragged Tiger - 1983


Love Duran's first 3 albums (and Medazzaland which came much later). This one is from the MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) release.

Needledrop Of The Day - Fairport Convention - Nottamun Town


It's become a cliche to say that Richard Thompson is underrated. At this point he may be so underrated he's overrated. Either way, he's a damn fine guitar player and songwriter. Sandy Denny, who is probably better known for singing on Led Zeppelin's "Battle Of Evermore," was also an amazing talent as well. A great folk voice, maybe my favorite of all.

Needledrop Of The Day 1/11/2012 - Dexter Gordon - Soy Califa


Here's Dexter Gordon - Soy Califa from "A Swingin' Affair". This one took a bit of software cleanup during the drum solo, but I think the results are still nice.

Needledrop Of The Day 1/9/2012 - Iron Maiden - Sun And Steel


METAL!'s time to dip into some good ole NWOBHM. And this is a very good opportunity to listen to something a lot of people haven't heard in many years, which is Iron Maiden sounding the way they are supposed to.



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