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Needledrop Of The Day - Dokken - Kiss Of Death - Beast From The East (Live) - 1988 - Elektra Records

I actually planned on posting up something else tonight but was listening to this earlier and it blew my mind. I've always liked this live album from actually sounds live and George Lynch just smokes through every song. Pound for pound this album probably has the most shred available from Mr. Scary. His speed is great but he also has plenty of finesse and a great example of hot-rodded Marshall singing tone. I saw them on the tour before this at Nashville North in Taylorville...headlining (which was rare for them back then). Great show...George was louder than hell. Have fun! 

Thanks to Jason Stephens for lending me this vinyl! Another cool thing about this LP is that there are, I believe, 3 songs on it that aren't available anywhere else (save for maybe the Japanese CD which is impossible to find). 



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