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Needledrop Of The Day - Where The Rose Is Sown by Big Country from Steeltown (1984)

I wanted to post something from this album for awhile but was holding out for that perfect copy. For starters it has to be a UK copy because, well, they're a Scottish band and as a rule of thumb it's best to get an album from where it was recorded. Some say it's stupid but it IS true that most often the original masters reside in the band's home country. As such most UK groups had copy masters sent to the US and vice versa (thus why UK copies of Beatles records are far more sought out than their US counterparts).

What to say … hmm … this is pretty much on my Top 10 Greatest Album lists of all time. Some might say that's shocking as it isn't even close to being Big Country's most popular release. This, however, is the followup to their debut "The Crossing." Fans were expecting a "In A Big Country Part II" but that's not exactly what they got. They got an album full of deep songs about war, love, pain, etc. Stuart Adamson's lyrics are truly unbelievable on this record. I'm not a lyric guy — I rarely pay attention to them. But this record hits home and hit me especially hard in 1984 (I was 16).

This album was pretty much a flop unfortunately. I was turned onto it by a review in Rolling Stone, where they gave it their highest rating (5 stars). Rolling Stone didn't just give every other record 5 stars back in those days and generally when they did that you had to take notice. I bought it out of curiosity, having only been lukewarm about "The Crossing." Amazing record … utter forgotten and discarded masterpiece.

RIP Stuart Adamson — dedicated to you … 


  • July 28, 2017
    Downhome Music Festival ,  Springfield, IL
  • August 11, 2017
    The Curve ,  Springfield, IL
  • September 16, 2017
    Oakwood Street Festival ,  Decatur, IL



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