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This IS the take you are looking for...

We've started tracking songs for our next studio album in Studio A at the IV Lab Studios in Chicago working with Shane Hendrickson. In the studio, usually it's pretty obvious when you get a good take of a song. You feel the energy. You're in the zone. You anticipate every move you're about to make. You're performing — not reacting to surprises. But sometimes two takes can both be "pretty good" but neither calmly says "I AM the take you're looking for…" In the studio, it can be like having to choose which looks better at the eye doctor "number 1… or number 2… number 1? Or number 2?" Feeling the potential weight of your decision, what would be simple observant preferential opinions under less permanent scenarios can become a decision of "is this take really the one that we forever stamp into the halls of record?" Do I feel strong enough that THIS 6 minutes that I played this tune is going to be the basis for the official version of the song?... It's a fun game to dance through.


We did several takes of this new song called "1,3,10." It's kind of a quick, heavy dance/rock tune with a driving full beat and plenty of places for us to individually flourish, as long as we all keep up. There's a lot going on. Shane and I went over the takes from the last one we had recorded and worked our way backwards until we found a pretty good one. To be honest, I realize now I was a little lack luster about the one went went.  I had a moment during the barrage at the end of the song that I didn't quite hit exactly what I was going for. It didn't sound BAD, but I just felt it every time I listened to it (as I would forever) that it wasn't exactly what I intended to play.  But how late was I going to stay that night doing take after take of a song that was quickly wearing me out? Of all the takes, the only real differences in my performances were primarily in the 40 second drum blitz that end the song.  I'm striving to start and end the section at 11 and maintain it the whole way through. (It's the only section on the album so far that I really let loose).  


At the end of the night, while sharing a round of shots in the hotel bar and debriefing on the wonderfully productive day we'd had, I was shown this video of the last 20 seconds or so of one of the earlier takes.  I had completely missed it in the initial review and decision of which take to use and had a "where have you been all my life?" moment with it.  This morning we decided to go with this different take. I'm feeling like this take was the one. What do you think?  



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Dave is our grandson and we're so proud of him.


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    Downhome Music Festival ,  Springfield, IL
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    The Curve ,  Springfield, IL
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